About Us

    How many times have you stood alone at a gathering of some sort, hesitating to make contact and start talking with others? That feeling of awkwardness growing, making you want to leave early and lose out on why you were there in the first place?
    What if you could go somewhere knowing everyone there wanted to connect? And that those same people shared your interests? Well, that is what Hänga is all about!
    Hänga is a platform that facilitates events (known as Hängs) where the connection with others is expected. And when we say connecting, you don’t need to pour your heart out and tell your deepest secrets. It's realizing that you (finally 😅) have the same taste in beer as someone else, or that you weren’t the only one that had no clue what meditation is. It's laughing out loud with someone you've just met. All those little moments in life are connections. And we are all connected in one way or another, you just have to look for it. We make it easy for you because Hängs give you the starting point: an interest in common. Pick it up from there and see where it leads you. Embrace the opportunity for a deeper sense of happiness. Because, as science teaches us... connections equals happiness, no matter how brief...
    Hänga - Find Your Tribe
    People with shared interest and values