• Do you want to spend less time on your social media platforms, but still have a connected feeling with likeminded people?
    • Do you feel trapped by your scrolling habits and desires to connect.

    You are not alone. There are many out there that are craving to loosen the grip on their addictions. Seeing your friends showing their best side on Facebook or Instagram doesn’t give you the sensation that you are part of it, does it?

    You long for real connection, to join a gathering where you feel alive, in the present moment, here and now.

    Am I right?

    I guess that you may also be tired of the Avatar that you yourself created, as a shield to protect yourself from judgements. This Avatar is your perfect self, it posts amazing content, for others to “like”, or dislike, which you hope will not happen, so you adjust your expression so it will be approved. You might get a lot of likes. Yet you feel empty. You lack something.

    I believe that you are missing the feeling of being alive as in meeting people where spontaneous, authentic gestures come naturally and feel comforting.

    Imagine yourself walking down the street. You meet a stranger, or maybe a half-familiar face. The person looks at you, and smiles. This is real. Something like that can make the joy in your body come alive, it might even carry you through your day.

    If you could understand and feel the power of presence in the visualisation above, you also get that we need more of IN REAL LIFE connections to be present and happy in our lives.

    Hänga provides you with these kinds of opportunities.

    Host an event or attend an event. You can choose to search geographically or by interest. One thing is for sure: You will be welcomed!

    Have others join the Hänga Tribe!
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