One of the founders of Hänga, Vorian Maryssael has besides a double nationality, worked and lived in various culturally diverse countries, so bridge making became a natural resource for her.

    She has come to understand the importance of connections between people, and the mechanisms of making a deal and resolve differences. For this you need to meet the needs of another and tell what you want yourself.

    Since so much of our ordinary life, has moved to a virtual space, online i.e., we have found another meaning in “being connected”. Being connected is now being wired up, being able to shop, keeping touch with friends and strangers, paying your bills, planning your trips, from your selected device. Everything fine and easy. But you lack real connection.

    As we are becoming more and more alienated from meeting one another in real life, face to face, we are losing our ability to connect, human to human.

    The team behind Hänga know by experience that this is true, but we have also found numerous books and scientific articles with the same message.

    The connection between humans is crucial to our survival as a species with psychosocial needs.

    Hosting or attending a Hang will:

    • – Relieve feelings of depression, stress, and loneliness.
    • – Inspire people to make courageous and sustainable decisions.
    • – Empower individual and collective creativity.
    • – Improve your health and wellbeing.

    Hänga helps connect people with the same values and interests, to build a world of happy, healthy, creative people to enjoy life while hosting or attending hangs.

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