I had the opportunity to chat with Jeanette Petersson, one of the founders of Hänga. I decided to target the concept of Hänga directly. 


    -What is connection to you? 

    “Connection is to share something, usually a common interest or value.” 

    “You connect with people in all areas of life, and then end up having a relationship with them.  It can be your annoying neighbour who turns out to actually be really interesting, or the person behind the cashier at the grocery store who smiles and wishes you a good day.”.  

    Jeanette believes that by truly connecting with people, your social skills will improve and give further opportunities to connect with others.   

    She is not a big fan of apps and digital devices; she prefers personal interactions. “But I understand apps and digital devices are enablers, and their technology can bring people together.”  

    -Why should people meet in events, create events, and attend events? 

     “People need to meet other people, we are “herd animals”, we need each other.” 

    “I love to connect with other like-minded people. There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling, both personally and professionally, than meeting other people that you feel you can connect with. If I have a certain interest in common with a person or if a person can share something with me that brings me more insight or knowledge – that gives me inspiration.” 

    Jeanette has been creating businesses since she was 12 years old. It started with buying and selling tickets to the New Kids on the Block concert. They were the biggest boyband at the time, and she made quite a deal on with her creative thinking. She is an unstoppable min and wakes up every morning with a desire to keep learning, keep creating and keep appreciating life.  

    Her work with Hänga inspires her because it has a beautiful end result for everyone engaged.

    She loves being able to facilitate people-to-people interactions based on interests and values and thereby creating happiness and fulfillment in people´s lives.  


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