Did you know art has therapeutic powers?

    2020 has been a historic year for quite a few reasons. One of those reasons happened earlier this year and it slipped under the radar of most people. On the 15th of April this year, the UN celebrated the first-ever, World Art Day.

    Though, it was decided in 2019, the timing felt very appropriate.

    We were all beginning our various forms of lockdowns due to the COVID crisis without a clear, future direction. Anxiety and stress were high. So UNESCO’s vision of the day as a means for art to “inspire, soothe, and share”

    But what does art really do for our minds and souls?

    Here are some of the various ways that art can be beneficial for us:

    Art causes our bodies to release good vibrations. Not just a Beach Boy song, good vibrations is a natural reaction to art as it activates areas of our brain that aren’t normally engaged. This sensation frees up dopamine which in turn makes us feel better.

    Art can reduce stress and strengthen our mental acuity. Over the years, there have been countless research studies done validating art’s therapeutic powers that it’s now a recognized discipline. Outside of the hands of a medically trained professional, art can still provide us with benefits. It reduces stress by reducing cortisol levels while sharpening our cognitive functions.

    Art can be used in mindfulness. An age-old tradition, mindfulness has recently returned to popularity. It can be a vital tool of healing using one’s own mind to recharge from the burnout of modern life. Art further enhances the benefits of being present by inviting you to observe without distraction and requires few steps to engage.

    Art allows us to make connections. We’ve long since established the importance of connections. Art, even during the pandemic, can further those ties to others. Furthermore, it can be a natural conversation starter both in contrast and in appreciation.

    Just like with nature, we here at Hänga believe in the benefits of art. We hope that your life can be continually enhanced and improved through engaging with the various forms. We celebrate the self-expression of our Hängitants and are driven to be a resource for you on your path of self-discovery.

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