Can Hobbies Improve Your Quality of Life?

    Life is a journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

    We uncover our true selves in both the lives we lead and the activities with which we engage. Our personal development is furthered by connecting with like-minded people as well as through learned skills and experiences. What we become is a direct result of our interest and opportunities.

    To further enrich our personal paths, it’s vital to seek out new ways of communicating and exhibiting ourselves. Such a display is not just limited to language. As the maxim goes, a picture says a thousand words.

    As such, photography can be a hobby.

    While it’s common knowledge that a hobby is a leisure activity which isn’t the chief form of occupation, what that means for us is a bit less clear. For starters, hobbies can reduce stress, be a great way to form connections with others, and improve our functionality at work.

    But how does this work in practice?

    Let’s use the hobby of knitting as an example.

    Creating something through knitting requires the knitter to find both a pattern and attentiveness to the activity of creating the end-product. Both of these elements require some form of mindfulness and appreciation of art or identification of something artistic. As we previously discussed, improves our mental health.

    In knitting, as with virtually every hobby, there’s an inside world to share. Connecting with others who share this interest is a natural conversation starter. Science also shows that having a shared interest is a natural building block to forming a relationship with others.

    Even though knitting is a leisure activity for those who view it as a hobby, it also builds important skills. Patience, mental dexterity, and slowing cognitive decline are just three of the beneficial elements a hobby such as knitting can provide.

    As COVID is causing all of us to be indoors and retreat from public life, the time is perfect to start a new hobby. Improve your quality of life and personal discovery through a new form of expression. To accommodate this, make sure to check out our blog as well as upcoming Hängs as our community loves sharing their interests with fellow like-minded Hängitants.

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