For centuries, before social media, we have been communicating eye to eye, ear to ear.  About our ordinary lives and preoccupations.

    We need to feel that we belong, and we need to connect, in order to keep mentally healthy. What if chatting with your neighbours gave you this psychological release?

    A mayor of a small village in Spain is trying to protect this tradition by seeking a world heritage status for the outdoor chats taking place at night during the summer in Algar.

    Social media can make us feel lonelier due to the lack of exchange that is given and received when you sense the other persons facial expression and body posture. Communication through the different channels that are available today is great in many ways. We can keep contact with friends and family around the globe. “One phone call away” has reached another dimension.

    But I dare to say that in real life meetings are more comforting, after all, it is the shared silence in between that truly connects you to another human being.

    Being present in the moment, sharing the time and space.

    So, hopefully the habitants in the village of Algar will continue their ritual and make it an example for others to follow. We need to care and protect our old “natural” ways of relating and connecting.

    During summer in Scandinavia people spend more time outdoors, caring for their gardens and lighting the grill for dinner. A smile comes to my face when I see that neighbours jump over the fence to salute in spontaneous gatherings. But what if it was a ritual, not something spontaneous, instead something that was pre-decided.

    Let’s meet and talk about what’s going on for everybody, how can we help each other?

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