Exciting! That is the word to describe the feeling of finally launching Hänga. We have decided for Norway and Sweden to start with, as our pre-launch is being designed by our developers.

    2022 is the year when you will be able to hook up with likeminded people in real life, using a digital device, the Hänga App.

    We got the idea two years ago and have been working nonstop since then. Asking friends and family about their needs and hopes, and making quite some research on the market, hearing people from all corners, we have come to understand that this is what everybody is waiting for.

    Do you feel like connecting to others, expanding your circle, and having fun?

    We make it easy to find events of your interest, in your area, of your choice.

    Maybe you are the one to Host a Hang?

    You like organising events, with 10-20 people, it could be any topic, like a winetasting dinner party, a yoga class, a nature hike, a photography club, a poetry gathering or a making pancakes session, your talent and interest is the key.

    If you would like to Host a Hang, we would be happy to support you. In January 2022 we will be pre-launching and we are looking for Hosts. Reach out, we will be glad to receive your application.

    Let’s make this world a greater place! Let us come together in circles with people that share our interests and values, lets connect to each others’ hearts, and find creativity and meaning.

    We believe that connection is important, to keep healthy and feel well. We provide this platform so that you can thrive, have fun, and keep a curious mind. Lets go!


    Have others join the Hänga Tribe!