I am curious to hear what you think!

    Have you ever thought of why you might be shy?

    We usually categorize people as introverts or extroverts. Introverts being more likely not to enjoy socializing, while extroverts enjoy the big parties, demanding attention from there fellow beings.

    It might not be that easy to put people in categories. We are seeking explanations for our behaviour, but at the same time we are locking ourselves in. Are you really that easy to define?

    Extrovert? Introvert? Outgoing? Shy?

    Do you like to introduce yourself as outgoing or shy?

    What do you believe is true about these definitions?

    This is what I think. Shy people are often sensitive. To other people and to environments. So, they need to be more cautious of how they interact, not to lose themselves. They need more space; they want to take things slow.

    But that does not mean that they do not like to be social, they might in fact be very curious.

    An extrovert, outgoing person is more likely to want to be heard, and can easily express their world, communication is quick and spontaneous. Needless to say, they like being around other people, where they can share their thoughts and ideas.

    But do introverts not like to socialize? I do not believe that.

    Even though you are shy and sensitive to your fellow beings, you might be curious. Perhaps very curious. To get to know new people, new areas of interest and challenge yourself to expand your inner universe.

    So, what do you think?

    Why do we need connections to others and how do we want to connect?

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