A Taste of Mexico

    On Saturday 15 August we will get together and cook some Mexican food. Learn how to make an awesome guacamole and make some tacos from both wheat and corn tortillas. Which will be your favorite?

    We will be meeting at Hang-Out member Vorian’s place at 6 pm. She will have bought all of the necessary ingredients for this culinary experience and stand ready to receive you. We will cook together, talk and hang-out while getting to know some new people. This will be fun!

    We take Covid-19 precautions and follow national restrictions.

    The event is open for all ages, genders and type of people.
    The Häng will be casual, culinary and international.


    1) 5 Nok will be asked from you as a contribution to ingredients (Vipps request after sign-up)

    2) Bring what you would like to drink; wine, beer, non-alcohol. Hard liquor not allowed. Not even Tequila! :)

    3) Sign up with full name and mobile number (Vipps).

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