Are you a beer lover?

    Or do you question what the fuss is all about?

    This is your opportunity! Fabulous Bar Manager Piers Laverick at Lervig Local- Eiganes is going to entertain us with some fine beer tasting and stories to tell! And do remember, a Hänga event is all about the connections, so you will be meeting other beer enthusiasts, or those that are looking to be convinced! Will you be the one that turned a skeptic into a lover?

    The event is open to everyone. Please make sure you sign up so we can take all Covid-19 precautions. And make sure you book your spot before it fills up!

    At only 150 Nok for Hänga (normally this is a 240 Nok thing.)

    Sign Up to secure your spot
    Pay at Venue
    150 Nok

    Beer tasting of Lervig special beers.

    3 beers x 0.2

    Guidance and entertainment by Lervig Local Bar Manager Piers Laverick.

    At only 150 Nok for Hänga (normally this is a 240 Nok thing.) Pay at event.

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