ECO Tourism To Tanzania

Thu, 28 Jul 2022 10:00
Wed, 10 Aug 2022 12:00
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Preferred age group: 2 - 80
38500.00 SEK
Guest limit: 0/30

Healing Power Tourism To Tanzania Your Tour Guide: Julieth Åman in Stockholm-Sweden. African Wellness Center in Stockholm Sweden organizes Wellness tourism to Tanzania. We offer help in the rehabilitation of medical, through wellness tourism, you get help in fulfilling your goals in a fun, safe and efficient way. We help you in moving with the focus on getting fit, getting stronger, faster, smoother, more durable, building muscle, losing weight, or just feeling better. organize wellness trips to scenic Tanzania, for more than 10 years now. Where the focus is on your well-being. Alternative medicine (wellness) is something that has always been warm in my heart. I was born and raised on the farm Moshi-Kilimanjaro. I Do Wellness tourism, sun, and bath Learn African Traditional Dance Yoga (Water therapy) The Classes will take place around the swimming pool in Moshi-Kilimanjaro, Kinukamori Waterfalls in Kilimanjaro mountain, Lake Challa in Kilimanjaro Region, TPC, forest, and river. Kimbiji Beach in Tanzania Coast Region, Mkuranga District Or Kigamboni- Dar Es Salaam Hills Meditation on the tip of the limb of Uru - Moshi Kilimanjaro. Also, I will take You to Africa’s tallest tree measuring 81.50 m found on Mount Kilimanjaro. If You wish to join Kilimanjaro Marathon on March 2 every year, You can simply register Yourself, or I can do it for You. Kilimanjaro Marathon – Full marathon, half marathon, fun run All of this lets you wash your spirit and stay calm and confident. Meditation is powerful medicine, and one of the reasons for that is feedback. The series includes an overview of the benefits of: 1) Meditation on Your Brain & Focus: Focus, Calm, Performance 2) Meditation on Stress & Well-being: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Substance Abuse 3) Meditation on Your Body: Heart, Blood Pressure, Other Physical Benefits. I’ve studied meditation in many forms. In all that study, what I found is that all of these different types of meditation require learning. The most effective that I found were the kinds that came with neurofeedback. The type of meditation I teach my clients is guided by feedback. We use the Buddhist heart-opening meditation, which is easily taught using heart rate variability feedback. This teaches you how to open your heart (which won’t really mean anything to you until you’ve done it) – but you can learn in several weeks what a regular practice might take years to accomplish. This type of meditation is so profound that in the first study of the Ornish low-fat diet, they used this (which has all of the effects that were claimed for the low-fat diet!) in conjunction with the low-fat diet. In other words, meditation can overcome. I eventually inherited an Ecological home which today is part of the ECO -holiday I offer. There You will stay during Your visit to Tanzania. The accommodation has a large swimming pool, oak fields full of delicious fruits, Herbs and vegetables: In addition to the house, I also inherited a large ECO -farm in Mkuranga -Coast Region Tanzania where I grow fruits such as mango trees, banana trees, pineapple, and coconut trees. Herbs: Moringa, Rosela, Graviola. Guests can pick up all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and herbs from the house garden, and meditation/Yoga classes around the pool. Mkuranga Botanical Forest . The forest unity is operating under the Department of Lands Natural resources and environment. The major role of the unit is to conserve, protect, manage the forests in a sustainable manner, and manage the utilization of the forest resource so as to contribute to the social, economic, ecological, cultural, and needs of the present and future generation. Mkuranga District Council has 51,000 ha (51 sq km) of forest land. Among this area 7,880 ha is covered by National Forest Reserves, 4092.55 ha belongs to 15 Village Government forest reserves, and the remaining 39,027.45 ha are General Forest Land within the villages. All guests shall get tropical breakfast at the pool restaurant with Rossella tea Moringa smoothie with ginger, chia seeds Guest will have ECO vegetable salad mixed with avocado, lemon, and pineapple, from our house garden, Meditation/Yoga, and African Traditional Dance classes for 14 days in Tanzania. You just need to take it with You.on Your wellness meditation/Yoga to Tanzania. swimming suits, bath slippers, towels, shower gel, comb, safari boots, safari clothes, telescope, safari hats, sunglasses, ruck bag, and everything suitable for picnic and hiking. Book with Me as Your Tour Guide for Your Wellness Tourism to Tanzania and visit different beautiful areas of Tanzania also all the visitors will be accommodated in My own Private Houses in Moshi - Kilimanjaro Tanzania and in My Private houses at Mkuranga ECO farmhouse.


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