Urban Photography @ Stavanger Torget

    Want to meet others that share your interest in photography whether it’s using your phone, your grandpa’s camera, or a DSLR? We have an exciting Häng for you!

    Frank Robert is a Hänga member living in Stavanger with a love for photography and urban vibes. He also loves sharing his many years of experience behind the camera and will host a Häng for urban photography and architectural lines.

    The rendezvous point is on the stairs of Stavanger Square, outside Starbucks, 8 November at 13:00. After some time exploring Stavanger from behind the lens, it is time to share, discuss, and connect over a coffee!

    The häng is open to any and everyone with any type of camera. 

    Please make sure you sign up so we can take all Covid-19 precautions. 

    And make sure you book your spot before it fills up! (15 persons max)

    (All photos in this event invitation are owned by Frank Robert Olsen and rights reserved).

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