Expand your space

    We hear a lot about getting out of our comfort zone, and I thought of making a twist to it. It sounds so challenging to leave your comfortable place, doesn’t it?

    So, I am instead suggesting that you may expand your space.

    It is about being open minded.

    Even though you have your morals and beliefs, do not let these rules determine how you see the world. Invite new ideas and perspectives to your path of growth so that you are continuously learning something new all the time.

    Do not shut out someone in your life just because the seem like they have a different perspective. You could end up learning something valuable.

    Look for the good in people.

    Our society has conditioned us to look at other people and ourselves, in a judgemental way.

    We know how to find the faults, but it is more challenging to look at the good that is being created. We tend to prepare for the worst, our nervous system is designed to warn us from threats, but we have as a human collective mixed up our responses to include fight and flight from what we do not yet understand.

    If I stop judging other people, I free myself from being judged,

    and I can dance!

    Patti Digh

    We close our selves; we choose the lockdown in order to protect us. Fear is in this case just holding you prison. Make room for some new ideas, find another angle from where you could look at things. Make some new connections.

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