A Häng is an event where connecting with others is part of the experience. The topic can be any, from running, to cooking to going to the theater. Anything that serves as a vehicle to connect, lowering the threshold to take that first step to start talking.

    Just contact us and we will be happy to feature your Häng here and reach out to the Hänga lovers.

    Yes! This is what Hänga is all about. People that want to share their passions with others. We would love to communicate your event to all the Hänga lovers!

    Yes you can. We are however not ready to facilitate that for you, so the payment method needs to be stated in the Häng invite. Vipps is a good way to charge for the contribution to the Häng.

    It is coming! 😊 Hänga is a new initiative and we are working around the clock to have an app for your easy use, sign up and possibility to chat with others joining events!

    Let us know that you want a Häng happening in your town and we will make it happen. Contact us!