Fight Your Filters

    Greetings Hängitants!

    Stop me if you’ve heard this before… The world is getting smaller.

    Globalization, Tik Tok, 24 hour news. We can find out everything about anything (or any conspiracy about anything) in a few clicks or swipes these days. But are we knowing more?

    The super computers that control everything we see know us better than we know ourselves. They have really complex math which ensures we mainly see the things that reinforce the beliefs and interests we already have. We have more resources to see more things but they’re programmed to keep us in blinders.

    I’m inviting you to take the blinders off.

    What makes you go? What inspires you? The first way to grow is to figure out what is “your thing” and new ways to reach it. Supposed you really love new challenges and solving puzzles. Maybe your new adventure lies in going into a store geared toward that endeavor you’ve never gone into before, maybe a game shop or hobby store.

    Let’s take a journey in our, respective social universe. Sure, COVID might keep us from going to that new bar or dropping in on a live show, but we can still reach out to places we haven’t gone. Open up an incognito/private window, Go to a search engine you don’t normally use, and search after something you’re interested in and your town. Take note of all the new results you don’t normally see.

    There’s a whole world we’re missing right in front of us.

    Maybe you’re using the dating apps and can’t seem to find that meaningful connection, be it romantic or personal. Without knowing it, you may be swiping by the best connections! Your filters embedded in your mind won’t let you see the opportunities.

    So let’s take another trip.

    Make a list of the three, most important character traits you value in others. Now, don’t look at the pictures, and read the profiles. Start conversations with the people who match what you want. Your social universe will expand!

    Like any good trek, it won’t always be easy. There will be discomfort and awkwardness. But don’t lose heart and endure because that’s where the real reward is buried. Avoid shutting down to these new sensations, even own up and allow yourself to be wrong and corrected by others, because no path is without redirection.

    And I am grateful that your path has lead you hear to Hänga. My goal in starting this was to create something where everyone could find their place and find an opportunity to grow, laugh, share, and connect. Maybe not always in that order.

    Have others join the Hänga Tribe!