Hänga Hope – Grow. Share. Joy.

    2020 has been quite a year.

    That’s clearly not news to anyone who has survived this year of tumult and upheaval. Plans have been cancelled, dreams were put on hold. However, despite all that these 12 months have presented, there has been opportunity for moments to treasure.

    These gems, scattered amidst the discord and calamity, were the reward for forging the new paths created by this year’s circumstances. The proverbial lemonade from the lemons of twelve months of turmoil. They enriched the lives of those fortunate to uncover them.

    And these jewels came in a wide assortment of ways.

    They were nuggets of knowledge from reading or learning a new skill. They were emotional fortunes from expanding the members of the family. And even small as finishing off a long-standing to-do list and grand as re-inventing ourselves.

    In essence, it is the hope of what can be gained when everything is seemingly lost. This year has taken a lot from all of us, but not our ability to aspire to be or have more. And many of us have realized and/or realizing these hopes.

    Here at Hänga, we’re eager to hear what you hoped to accomplish or have gained from such a trying year. You can connect with us on Instagram or Facebook and share your hopes using the #HangaHope. Stay tuned as we will also be sharing our own #HangaHope for this year.

    2021 will be here soon (perhaps, not soon enough for some). As we all hope it is a better, more enjoyable year, we can also carry with us our hopes from this year. Let’s share the support, joy, and reason to be encouraged for the future.

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