Empowering connections


    You know the feeling of victory when you finally completed something long fought for. The sigh of relief when you are over the other side of uncertainty. The euphoric, ecstatic sensation is empowering!

    It is like a burst of energy through your body of joy and aliveness. This is the same feeling when we meet people we connect to. It can be old friends, or new acquaintances.

    This is the Vision of HÄNGA:

    “Empowering people to live healthy, happy and meaningful lives through connecting with others in real life.”

    But when do we really connect to people to have the benefits of health and meaning?

    Here are five signatures of real connection:

    You are in the present moment.

    When you connect with others, you are no longer thinking about what went wrong in the past or of our future worries. You are available to the present moment and to the shared experience we are having with another.

    You are being your self.

    Human connection only works if there is honesty. It does not work if we are trying to be something we are not.

    You feel open.

    Whether you are feeling good or bad, you are open with your thoughts and emotions.

    You feel empathy.

    Human connection is usually kind. Judgement and criticism close us.

    You can sense trust.

    There is a mutual trust in between both people. You can trust a complete stranger, that is one thing that is so beautiful of connection.

    Stay tuned and learn more about connections and how in real life connections are pivotal for finding meaning and living a healthy life.

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