How many people can you comfortably connect to?

    The social distancing in real life has changed the way we interact to each other, no hugs, a lot of space in between our bodies. Social gatherings are still restricted to x number of persons. What effect does this have on us in our daily lives?

    Perhaps we are prompt to take a closer look at the other persons facial expression, to read the signs of their emotional state?

    Or is it that our body language has started to be more expressive in our communications to others?

    Are we less anonymous now, when we cannot disappear in the crowd, or is it the other way around, wearing mask?

    Lots of questions that arise with the consequences of the pandemic. One thing is for sure though. You do not miss something before it is gone.

    We have taken a lot for granted, maybe we have taken human connection for granted.  Most of us are dependent on being a part of a group, a social cohesion.

     We are now having to revaluate “connection”, and our need for gatherings.

    From a spiritual perspective we even say that we are our relations. So, if we have taken this time to do some introspection and revaluation, we may have been thinking about our primal needs.

    Maybe we are prioritizing with whom and when and what we do in a whole new way?

    Have you ever had the inquiry given to you about the desert island? Who would you choose as your companion if you where to live isolated on a desert island?

    Usually, you are to choose only three in this mind game. But if you where to choose the number of people too? How many would you bring?

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