How to Travel without Leaving Town: Beer Tasting

    Greetings Hängitants!

    Like Dr. Seuss wrote… Oh, the places you’ll go.

    This week we discovered, once again, that neither pandemic nor the end of Summer can stop us from going to new places. All we need is our sense of adventure, a capable guide (Thank you, Piers and the Lervig Local team!), and fellow hängitants who share our interests.

    And so we found ourselves at the new, microbrewery pub on a balmy, autumn evening. Our chill from the outside wind was soon replaced with the delightful options on offer and the entertaining stories that followed. We traveled across the globe without getting off our bar stool on the tales of the brewers and origins of the concoctions we imbibed.

    Despite there being an unfamiliarity swirling in the air, the delicious aroma of hops and shared interest overwhelmed. We discovered the Häng had people from all over the world with different professions and backgrounds. But we all enjoyed sharing the evening around our tasty offerings.

    While I am not the biggest, beer drinker (I’m willing to try almost anything at least once), I am a huge fan of connections. While social distancing kept us physically from joining other tables, I saw the conversation move about and new links being formed. And it all seemed to come back to me.

    What will be the next Häng?

    I have a lot of ideas, but, if this year has taught me anything, it’s that we all have infinite capacity within us. So, instead of talking, I decided to listen. And these new Hängitants had not only latched on to what Hänga was all about, but offered new directions and possibilities that were new to me.

    What were they?

    Well, you should’ve been there… But, rest assured, all will be revealed soon. Our tribe is growing and I, and the rest of us, look forward to welcoming you into it.

    As Dr. Tanya Menon describes it, we are traveling our “social universe”. Being exposed to something new, somewhere new, with new people but staying within our interests and town. Make sure you don’t miss out and join the tribe at

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