How do you make new connections to other people?

    We have been talking about how to start a conversation, how to small talk, chit chat, with new acquaintances, and we also learned that sharing the same values with likeminded people is a proven fact that keeps you out of depression.

    Now, is there a difference between connecting to others on a virtual platform, then meeting in real life, IRL? Of course, there is, maybe we should ask what the similarities are, instead.

    If the criteria for connecting to another, would be sharing the same values and interests, then the similarities would be talking about these things, exchanging knowledge and experiences.   

    So, what are the differences between a virtual meeting and an IRL meeting?

    In my opinion, it is the presence of the body/bodies. Communication is about 70% body language. The tone of you voice communicates a lot too. I cannot help wondering. How much is lost when you meet in chat forums and other virtual realities?

    Sometimes it can be a good thing not to let the body language and all its emotional awareness and personal story come across. There are occasions where a clean mind to mind dialogue ends up with more clarity without the subconscious programming stored in our bodies.

    What is your thought about this?

    Do you prefer IRL meetings or Virtual meetings?

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