“Vulnerability is the emotion that we experience during times of uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure.”

    These are famous word by Brene Brown, that in fact researched on this subject and brought us a whole new, healthy way of looking at vulnerability. Not as a weakness, but as our greatest measure of courage.

    Without courage, no evolution. Without courage, no adventure. Without courage, no Hänga.

    It requires some vulnerability, to be daring, leaning in to the unknown, if you want to make new connections.

    Do you remember the first time you invited your friends to a party? Would they accept your invitation? Would they like the food and drinks? Would they get along with each other? There was no way you could be sure that it would turn out well, a success, yet you dared.

    Life is about taking chances, having visions, wanting to share, love, laugh. This is what makes us grow and move forward.

    Here is a list to encourage you

    • Uncertainty is a sign that there is something to bridge over.
    • Feeling vulnerable means that you are about to grow courage.
    • Embrace the unknown to make new connections.

    Walk with an open heart!

    It means take a risk, dare to dance, stumble and fall, but rise again. You have so much to share, do it, let nothing stop you. We got your back.


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