Small Business or Enterprise?

We are here for you too! Welcome to Hänga

Hänga is a community driven platform with the desire to facilitate in-real-life experiences, that we call a Häng, or Hängs, where members can meet others with likeminded interests.

We strongly believe that small businesses and enterprises are important community members that can make a valuable impact where they operate.

More and more today consumers make conscious choices and look for brands and businesses that share their values and bring meaning to the community. Whether that is the local grocery store that makes an effort to showcase local producers, a restaurant with friendly service, an importer of wine from small vineyards with a story to tell, or the second-hand store down the street...

We know that it can be difficult for you to stand out from the noise and have an opportunity to show who you are and what you stand for.

That is why we invite you to Hänga where you can create Hängs associated to your business or enterprise and we will match our community members to you through their interests and values!

Your first 6 months with us are for free. After that we will be charging 299 SEK/NOK (+ VAT) per month with unlimited Hängs and followers! No tie-in period.

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Why Engage with Customers through Hänga?

You don’t need to host an interest group around your brand, you just post a Häng on the site and people will be matched to your Häng based on their interests and values.

Hänga members love to meet others and engage in the events they go to, which will increase the value of your brand and give you an opportunity to show who you are.

Everyone can see who else has signed up to the Häng and get a great feel for the vibe they will meet at the Häng.

If you want to increase the engagement beyond those already subscribing to Hänga, you can share your event on almost any SoMe, or copy a link into a message.

Don’t worry if you need to collect money for your Häng, it can all be managed through Hänga and the person gets a ticket.

We ask everyone to have a photo, their real name and to verify themselves so that we increase transparency, safety and a pleasant behaviour among us.

When you host a free Häng and you want to make sure that the person showing up actually is a verified Hänga member- then you can ask to issue a ticket at sign-up, that the person must bring to the Häng.

Yes, we know that this is a new way of reaching out and showing who you are, so here are some examples from a few fields. Anything is possible! Try something on your own and Have fun with it!
Food and Beverages

Wine tasting Häng with storytelling from the field.

Perhaps seasonal products have arrived from the local farmer? When we cook them tonight they will taste so much better knowing the story behind them. Tell us!

Restaurants, cafés and bars

Set up a Hänga Table for a Sunday afternoon and let people sign up for a set menu offering and the possibility to meet others!

Beer Tasting or Quiz night- help us find a team.

Newly Roasted Beans have arrived, time to learn all about them (and you) and savour the coffee.

Flower shop

Flower arrangement workshop.

Spring is here, what do I need to do for my balcony?

Fashion, Interior Design, Second Hand

Host a Häng to talk about the designers. Tell us about them and why you have chosen to have them in your store!

When we buy second hand we might cherish that new vase even more if we knew its story. Invite a Häng to tell stories about your things.

Online Stores

Invite to your pop-up store through a Häng, to let us know who you are and where your things come from.

Non for profit

Invite to Hängs to engage around what you work for.

We are a start-up!

Hänga is a start-up and we launched in February 2022! Our community is growing and, the amount of events slowly increasing and our functionalities are getting more and better by every sprint!

We would love to hear your input, what you would like to see more of, or less of, and how we can improve.

The Hänga Values are Connections, Curiosity, Expansion and FUN!

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