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What is Hänga?

Just as the name implies, HÄNGA is a social community with a mission to connect people by hanging out together in-real-life. People are connected through Hängs, that are hosted by fellow community members.

What is a Häng?

A Häng is an event where connecting with others is part of the experience. The topic can be anything, from running, to cooking to going to the theatre together. So, in short a Häng is an experience hosted by a fellow Hänga member where you get to do something of your interest while also meeting others.

How can I become a Hänga Host?

Log In to Hänga and go to Create Event and follow the instructions from there. Once you post your Häng, it will be visible to Hänga members that can then sign-up to your event!

Can I charge for my Hängs?

Yes you can! The money will be collected by us and paid out to your bank account as soon as you have had your event. (If your event is cancelled by any reason we will handle the pay backs to your attendees). We have an admin fee that will be clearly visible to you when you create your event.

Can I Co-Host Hängs?

Yes you can! In the Event Creation you can invite a co-host. Just make a search on their name and select your co-host. A notification will be sent to them to accept your invitation.

Why do you Charge a Ticket Fee on Free Events?

All events Hosted via Hänga, even those for free, require the issue of a ticket sent to your email address. There are two primary reasons for this.

Firstly for your safety; the ticket is the bridge showing that the Virtual You (online, here on Hänga) actually is the IRL You (In-Real-Life You) showing up at the event. Tickets are personal and non-transferrable.

Secondly, the ticket has a symbolic value that we call the commitment Fee: When you sign up, you do have the intention to go and symbolically you place 20 kroner to that commitment.

We hope you agree with us that this isn’t too bad, but rather good!

Can I Share my Events on Other SoMe?

Yes you can! And we think that is a great idea to promote your event and invite friends and others to sign-up to your happening!

Why isn’t there an App for this?

It is coming! Hänga is a new initiative and we are working around the clock to have an app for your easy use, sign up and possibility to chat with others joining events!

Why Host and manage your events from Hänga?

Hänga is a new innovative and safe platform that makes it easy to invite people to do something together, based on an interest in common. It is so simple!

  1. Go to www.hanga.fun
  2. Chose “Create a Häng”. (If it is your first time, you will be asked to register, so people can see who is hosting).
  3. If you are hosting with a friend; chose your co-host.
  4. Fill in the details for your “Häng. Press Create.
  5. Share your event back to your preferred FB group, or to Whatsapp, or any other SoMe, or just copy the link to it.
  6. Hänga members will automatically be exposed to your event. 😊
  7. You, and others, will be able to see who has signed up to the Häng, and who is on the “interested” list.
  8. We manage all payments related issues for you, (coming April).

Hänga is a safe platform where all members are verified users.

Welcome to Hang with Hänga!

If you didn’t find an answer to your question, or if you have any other feedback you would like to give us, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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