The Magic of Hänga

    Greetings Hängitants!

    Variety is the spice of life and mixing your social groups is a key ingredient. The results can be unexpected and can often lead to new opportunities.
    This concept is a governing principle for us here at Hänga.

    And, just recently, we got to see it occur firsthand at one of our Hängs.

    Among the attendees, there were several Hängitants who happened to be formally trained as mechanical engineers. Now, for me who has a scientific background, “mechanical engineering” is a different language. Yet, they all spoke it fluently to one another.

    They were complete strangers at the beginning of the night, but, in the midst of the Häng, they all found their common thread. It was such a unique and rich bond that was formed, that it ended up formulating a possibility.

    One of the Hängitants had recently been recently laid off from his job (the gift of COVID just keeps on giving). Through this seemingly happenstance interaction (I like to call this “The Magic of the Häng” aka TMOHä), this life setback was able to route him to a new path for further growth. One of the Hängitants from the chat was able to supply an HR contact who was hiring for the very position requiring the knowledge they had been so freely exchanging.

    And that there is what Hänga is all about and why it was started. The potentiality of what can happen when two strangers discover their shared interests. That moment is when a get-together, mixer, event, or whatever, becomes a Hänga.

    While these moments can and do occur organically on their own, they are far and few between. Coincidence is an anecdote and not a governing principle. Hänga identifies the infinite ways we are all connected and shines a light so we, too, can see.

    With that in mind, we look forward to sharing and connecting with all of you. And maybe the next Häng will be when you meet your new colleague, business partner, BFF, or wherever TMOHä has in store for you.

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