Time scarcity

    – Do you have time to do the things you like?

    How much free time do you need to be well?

    According to recent research we only need two hours a day. If it is spent wisely.

    It is about what you do in your “free time”, that matters the most for your subjective wellbeing.

    I have read quite a few articles about time scarcity and health; the results are pointing towards PARTICIPATING as an experienced meaningful activity.

    Activities with other fellow humans that is.

    It states obvious, that people with less time to spend, cannot take care of their health as in exercising and preparing nutritious food:

     “People need time to access health services, build close relationships, exercise, work, play, care, and consume—all activities that are fundamental to health. There is evidence that the experience of time pressure is directly related to poorer mental health. Lack of time is also the main reason people give for not taking exercise or eating healthy food. “

    /Time Scarcity: Another Health Inequality?

    But having too much time can also be detrimental to your subjective wellbeing:

    “Having an abundance of discretionary time is sometimes even linked to lower subjective well-being because of a lacking sense of productivity.”

    /Having Too Little or Too Much Time Is Linked to Lower Subjective Well-Being

    According to these articles, it is not about having more free time, but about sharing your free time with others, i.e., BEING SOCIAL.

    What are your favourite social activities?

    – Did you know that they are valuable for your health?

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