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We are so glad that you have found us! Welcome to Hänga

Hänga is a community driven platform with the desire to facilitate in-real-life experiences, that we call a Häng, or Hängs, where you can meet others with likeminded interests. What we mean by community driven is that people like you and I invite to and host these Hängs. And people like you and I go to them!

Hänga Host

There are many of us that have passions, knowledge, and skills to share and here at Hänga it is easy to do so!

You don’t need to host an interest group, you just post a Häng on the site and people will be matched to your Häng based on their interests and values.

If you want to increase the engagement beyond those already subscribing to Hänga, you can share your event on almost any SoMe, or copy a link into a message.

Don’t worry if you need to collect money for your Häng, it can all be managed through Hänga and the person gets a ticket.

When you host a free Häng and you want to make sure that the person showing up actually is a verified Hänga member- then you can ask to issue a ticket at sign-up, that the person must bring to the Häng.

Hänga Explorer

Are you one of those that love meeting new people and do fun things? Then you are just like us!

You will be matched to Hängs based on your interests, values and location.

If you feel adventurous you can browse, filter and explore other Hängs to join.

You can see who else has signed up and get a great feel for the vibe at the Häng.

We ask everyone to have a photo, their real name and to verify themselves so that we increase transparency, safety and a pleasant behaviour among us.

In addition we also offer the host to issue a ticket for the event, so that it is ensured -through showing that ticket - that everyone at the Häng, including the host, are verified Hänga members.

Hänga is a start-up and we launched in February 2022! Our community is growing and, the amount of events slowly increasing and our functionalities are getting more and better by every sprint!

We would love to hear your input, what you would like to see more of, or less of, and how we can improve.

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