What is Hänga?

    Hänga is an app. This app is a map of algorithms that enables matches and connection. You can find people that share your values and interests and meet up, at events, in real life.

    The app is created by an amazing team that understands the importance of providing the users with right orientation. Behind the scenes, there are a lot of accumulated experience.

    We believe that Hänga is for everybody, but specially for social and active people.

    • You like to feel the wind in your hair, sense the freedom of loosing direction,
    • just to feel yourself in the center of events again.
    • You also appreciate when friends get together and bring the best out of each other.

    Our human experience comes with the need for connecting and the curiosity of learning. When people get together you will always have a scene for adventure and challenge.

    The two pillars of this scene are:
    1. A set of circumstances 2. The unknown
    The anchor is connection.


    When I grew up in Stockholm, my mother was invited to a gallerists party. And she could bring her three children. The apartment was an attic at Gamla Brogatan. I remember many things, among them the cobblestones outside the entrance. Lots of people where there, in the middle a table with cheese, grapes and other stuff. I saw a tall man wearing lipstick, he approached me to salute. It was a friend of my mothers. My mind expanded, I felt big eyed, I just loved to observe other people, learn from how they perceive the world.

    We believe that to make a good host, to cater for a nice experience, you should bring in a mix of details to your event. Then people will make the connections.


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